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Seventy Hyal Lips.

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Seventy Hyal is the perfect all-rounder and can be used for the lips. When injected into the lips, Seventy Hyal does not work to add volume and lift like traditional dermal fillers – it primarily works to add moisture and hydrate the lips, and temporarily add a little extra plumpness. 

“After injecting Seventy Hyal into my lips as an injectable lip balm, my lips feel soft and moisturised with no lip balm on. You can visibly see in my lips how moisturised, plump, and soft they look. I did not want to change my shape or add volume to the lip and Seventy Hyal was injected purely to moisturise with slight plump.” 

Never administer to patients with a known hypersensitivity to any of the product ingredients, in case of skin infectious disease or pathology at the injection site.
Not suitable for people who are pregnant.
Or under 18 years of age.

Image by Morgan Alley

approx. 60 minutes

£150 - 1st session.
£130 - 2nd session.
£110 - 3rd session.
(sessions must be 4 weeks apart to qualify for discount).

(each session includes a complimentary 20 minute Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment).

Recommended treatment plan:Initially, 2 to 3 treatments of Seventy Hyal 2000 4-weeks apart will be required to achieve the desired result. In some cases, and depending on initial skin quality a fourth treatment may be needed. Treatments will need to be topped up every 6-12 months, depending on skin quality.

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