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Radiate Peel.


The Radiate Peel is designed specifically for those with pigmented or uneven

skin tones looking to improve the tone of their skin and desiring a more

youthful appearance.

This is the perfect treatment for a client that may have spent too much time

out in the sun with little or no SPF or used sunbeds in the past,

pigmentation changes like Melasma caused by hormones or pregnancy, mature

clients with naturally appearing age spots or PIH (post inflammatory


The Radiate Peel contains:

Glycolic Acid 30% - The holy grail of exfoliation, glycolic acid's small

molecules go deep beneath your skin's surface and break down bonds between

dead skin cells. Glycolic acid reveals fresh, glowing skin that's brighter,

smoother and fresher. Glycolic acid can also accelerate skin cell

rejuvenation and can also allow for deeper penetration of other skin care

ingredients. Naturally occurring in sugar cane and is the most efficient of

all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Mandelic acid 6% - A alpha hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds with

clinically proven benefits to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. It

can also improve the viscoelasticity of skin so that it appears tighter and

more youthful. With continued use the signs of ageing may slowly reverse.

The exfoliating action of mandelic acid removes dead skin cells, which can

leave your skin firmer and smoother.

Kojic acid 1% - Long celebrated to help lighten sun damage, pigmented age

spots, or scars. Kojic Acid is a natural metabolite produced by fungi that

has the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity in synthesis of melanin. In

addition, Kojic acid are used as antioxidant anti-proliferative,

anti-inflammatory, agent. The ability to inhibit tyrosinase effects the

production of melanin so that melanogenesis does not occur and pigmentation

in the skin is reduced. Kojic acid also contains some antimicrobial


Arbutin 1% - Generally good for all skin types to help lighten dark spots,

lessen appearance of acne scars and promote an even skin tone. Arbutin is an

ingredient that is obtained from the bearberry plant where it is extracted

from the leaves, although it may also be produced synthetically. It is also

found in wheat, in the leaves of blueberry and cranberry, as well as in the

skin of pear. Similar to hydroquinone and other skin whitening agents,

arbutin works by inhibiting the function and activity of tyrosinase, an

oxidizing enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in the

body. It is used to reduce pigmentation in skincare products and has been

shown to be effective in the treatment of pigmented conditions such as

melasma and age spots.

Vit C10 Power Product - Our advanced signature Vit C10 serum uses scientific

and evidence-based formulas, offering a daily antioxidant protection. Vit

C10 serum contains stabilised L-ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C which is

easily and quickly absorbed by the skin for greater potency. This

lightweight serum is designed to target all forms of pigmentation. To

inhibit the production of melanin to leave a lighter, brighter and more even

skin tone. Damaging free radicals will breakdown the collagen and other

important proteins in the skin necessary for good skin health, the Vit C10

will help to fight against these radicals and improve blood flow to the


Skin Types - Uneven skin tone, Photodamaged skin, Acne scarring, Dull skin, Fine lines, Ageing skin.

Treatment course - To target the above concerns focusing on discolouration and pigmentation the best course for the client would alternate the skin peels with the Million Dollar Facial to target the pigmentation and anti-ageing plus this will help to thickens the epidermis over time to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries.

The addition of a 15 minute LED Light Therapy (Green) at the end of this treatment can also target the melanin within the skin to help improve pigmentation (+£10).
Adding a Dermaplaning treatment to this peel will greatly increase the effectiveness of the peel due to the removal of excess dead skin cells and vellus hairs (+£20).
- For an extra boost, add an Esthemax Illuminating Orange Peel HydroJelly Face Mask targeted at pigmentation (+£10).


Do note, all skin types and conditions will react differently so a course may need to be amended depending on how quickly the skin responds.

Homecare - It is imperative that a client is using homecare when trying to

target uneven skin tone and pigmentation as daily we are exposed to elements

that will counteract this.

Cleanse - Medi+ Dermacleanse

Treat - Medi+ Radiate 10/20

Protect - Medi+ Hydro Serum & Shield 50

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