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Microneedling creates a reaction in the skin triggering the release of collagen which helps to promote skin cell regeneration.​​ 


Microneedling can target, general skin ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, lack of skin firmness and texture.


Microneedling for the body is also available for tackling stretch marks and scarring.


Scarring can be caused by an injury to the skin, such as from acne.

Stretch marks are often caused by sudden growth or weight gain.

You may be more likely to get them if you:

  • are pregnant – read more about stretch marks in pregnancy

  • are going through puberty

  • lose or gain weight quickly

  • are female

  • are overweight

Microneedling Face


Microneedling Body


Includes a 20 minute Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment to aide healing.

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