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Bio Nutri Neck.


The unique Bio Nutri Neck treatment protocol for "Text Neck".

In an era of mobile phones, we are now seeing 'Text Neck' which are lines caused by looking down on your phone on younger and younger people. The great thing about this treatment is that it can help prevention and a bid to cure.

BIO NUTRI NECK has been specifically designed to target this delicate zone with a complete 360° routine. It’s for filling fine lines, moisturising, adding radiance and tone boosting for tired-looking necks.

BIO NUTRI NECK. One protocol, two medical approaches for a tailor-made solution.

This protocol can be customised to the individual:

  • BIONUTRINECK BIOREVITALISATION to hydrate and plump the neck. The ideal solution to revitalise your neck even if you have no visible ageing signs or if you are bothered by the apparition of the first necklines.

  • BIONUTRINECK REJUVENATION to restore and correct visible signs of aging.
    • Improved skin texture.
    • Correction of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Improved elasticity.
    • Hydration.

The NanoSoft needle creates small papules under the surface of the skin. These papules created by the award winning NCTF® solution or M-HA®10 will disappear within 24-48hrs due to the time release ability of the product.  

What is NCTF® - click here

What is M-HA®10 - click here



BIO-NUTRI NECK x3 treatments £400

Course can be repeated, usually between 6-18 months. 

Your practitioner will start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL® by Laboratoires FILLMED that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the neck. It is adapted to sensitive skin.

During the 2nd step, your practitioner will inject into the upper dermis the revitalizing solution of NCTF® or M-HA®10 with the very precise and safe NanoSoft needle that will reduce the risk of bruising and minimize pain during the injection. Combining NCTF®/M-HA®10 & NanoSoft  will not only target the sensitive area of your face with delicacy but also provide optimal results in less time.

The soothing B3-RECOVERY CREAM  will smoothly complete this protocol.


​In some cases there may be some redness, papules (small intentional bumps in the skin), pin prick marks and possibly scratches following treatment. 

  • SPF daily.

  • Ensure you are using the recommended homecare for your skin type/condition.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Avoid exercise, extreme temperatures including bath/shower, sun/sunbeds, swimming in chlorinated water for at least 24 hours after treatment.

  • Refrain from having any abrasive skin treatments for 5 days post treatment.

  • Ensure you return and complete the protocol of treatments suggested to fulfil your skin goals!

M-HA®10 is a visco-elastic solution aimed at restoring the loss of hyaluronic acid due to skin ageing.


It is designed to be injected into the upper dermis as a ‘skin booster’ to improve the hydration, radiance and elasticity of the skin and to serve as a filling agent for small wrinkles such as crow’s feet, laughter lines or lines around the mouth caused by smoking. It works to improve the water barrier of the skin.

HA or Hyaluronic acid is a miracle advancement in skin care technology. Once injected, the active ingredients work to restore the skins natural hydration levels, making skin feel more firmer and less saggy. For many individuals, the winter months cause the skin to lose its hydration and become overly dry.


This treatment can really help address this seasonal skin issue. That's because, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight!

M-HA®10is 10mg of pure, uncross lined hyaluronic acid, CE marked for injection purposes.

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