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Acne Facial.


The Acne Facial is a gentle treatment designed to reduce and kill the bacteria that can cause acne and hormonal breakouts.

This facial is ideal if you have active acne, trapped spots under the skin, facial scarring from previous acne/spots. Multiple treatments are recommended for best results.

* Helps to reduce pigmentation

* Calms hormonal breakouts and acne
* Prevents bacteria from spreading around the skin
* Kills bacteria causing acne
* Reduces the appearance of scarring
* Dries out spots and pimples

If you would like a deeper treatment for acne, please see The Perfect Peel.

The Acne Facial
approx 90 mins


- Double Deep Cleanse

- Skin Analysis
- Tone
- Steam & Extractions (if necessary)

- High Frequency

- Acne Specific Chemical Peel

- Dermalux LED Light Therapy (20 mins)
- Serum


Can be performed every 1-2 weeks


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