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Skin: By Yuma

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The Skin: By Yuma skincare range has been specifically developed to maintain good skin health on a daily basis. Skin: By Yuma fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each layer of

the skin to thoroughly hydrate and repair. The range introduces an affordable clinically proven integrated mix of products that work to achieve brighter and healthier skin.


As we age we lose moisture and elasticity in our skin which causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing to appear. Our collection rehydrates skin with a series of clinically proven ingredients. It includes lightweight non-oily hydrators and skin revitalising serums to stimulate collagen and elastin, whilst helping skin to repair and renew more rapidly.


The range has been developed with your daily

skin health needs in mind and will help refine pores and minimise fine lines and wrinkles as well as address any pigmentation issues.


Prepare Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

- for all skin types and concerns. Can be used on sensitive skin to calm irritation.


Clear PHA Degreasing Gel Cleanser

- for acne-prone skin, breakouts/congestion, inflamed skin. Contains Glycolic (10%), Lactic (2%) and Salicylic (2%) Acids.


Quench 4D Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hydrating Serum

- for all skin types. Hyaluronic Acid complex providing hydration and anti-inflammatory properties.


C20 Ultimate Strength Vitamin C Serum

- for all skin types. A powerful antioxidant, ideal for uneven skin tones and inflamed skin. Contains 20% Vitamin C and 0.2% Ferulic Acid.


Clarity Photophilic Masque

- for all skin types. Contains 2% Kojic Acid and Activated Charcoal. Ideal for pigmentation, congestion, dryness and dull skin.


Protect 20 Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20

- for all skin types. Suited for dry, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening and firming.


Protect 50 Daily Broad Spectrum Sun Protection SPF 50

- for all skin types. Providing ultimate UVA and UVB sun protection with a natural tint (no white/grey cast). Contains Lactic and Citric Acid. Improves texture and tone. Helps to prevent breakouts and repair skin.

We also stock HYPO21 which is a solution that helps to repair damaged, burnt, broken skin. It is suitable for those with psoriasis or eczema. It can be added into your skincare routine to help heal the skin.


Prepare Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

- massage on to damp skin, leave for 10-20 seconds before rinsing off with a soft cloth/pad. 

Never use a flannel to wash your face due to the rough texture!

This cleanser is also ideal for damaged, irritated skin, or skin with a compromised/damaged skin barrier.


Clear PHA Degreasing Gel Cleanser

- if you have a damaged skin barrier, repair if first with Prepare Gentle Hydrating Cleanser as Clear might be too harsh to start off with.

- when you start with Clear PHA Degreasing Gel Cleanser, it is recommended to start slowly - for example, use ONCE a day every other day. Then TWICE a day every other day. You can then slowly build up to using it to how your skin is responding.


You can apply it all over the face, or only on the areas of concern (spot, pimple, congested area).

If your skin becomes dry or tight, reduce the usage, or stop for 3 days, and build up usage again.

This cleanser is VERY potent and will "blast" the acne-causing bacteria, as such, should be used with caution, and ensure you are applying regular SPF 50.


Quench 4D Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hydrating Serum

- it is recommended to apply this serum on damp skin.

Ensure the dropper does not touch your skin.

- this serum can cause your skin to feel tingly or appear slightly pink/red initially - this will subside fairly quickly.


C20 Ultimate Strength Vitamin C Serum

- as this is the highest strength of Vitamin C on the market (20%), is can be very potent for some skin types, causing irritation. If you find that your skin is very sensitive, introduce C20 SLOWLY into your routine. For example, use once every 2-3 days at first, before building to using twice a day.

If in doubt, please contact for a sample (postage costs apply).


Clarity Photophilic Masque

- this masque can stain! So avoid using any light coloured clothing/fabrics!

- it does not harden when applied.

- Once a week is enough for this masque, any more than that can cause irritation/sensitivity.


Protect 20 Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20

- although this contains SPF 20, you will still need to apply a higher strength on top.

- this moisturiser is also fantastic used at night time, as your before-bed hydration!

- use it on top Quench - you will see how your skin feels in the morning!


Protect 50 Daily Broad Spectrum Sun Protection SPF 50

- natural tint (no white/grey cast). An SPF that helps to improves texture and tone. Helps to prevent breakouts and repair skin!

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