Rejuvenate and regenerate your skin.
Treat hair loss.
Dissolve and reduce localised fat deposits.
Four cocktails to choose from - Glow, Tight, Refresh, Hair Energy (for hair loss).
- Deep Cleanse
- Skin Analysis
- Mesotherapy treatment of Vitamins & Amino Acids
- Skin Recovery Face Mask
- Skin Recovery Nourishing Cream

approx. 60 mins
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Frequently asked questions

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a very minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine injections of minerals, vitamins and amino acids cocktails are injected into the mesodermal layer of the skin. This infusion of ingredients nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which are both essential for our skin’s natural elasticity.

What are the benefits?

Mesotherapy can: - improve blood circulation and treat dehydrated skin
- instantly rejuvenate dull, tired looking skin - reduce superficial wrinkles
- treat hair loss in the scalp
- tighten skin
- reduce the appearance of scarring
- reduce the appearance of stretch marks - reduce hyperpigmentation.
- help to dissolve localised fat deposits Mesotherapy can also be combined to enhance the effects of other aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

How much does it cost?

Single treatment - £80
6th treatment is free
A booking fee of 30% the total cost of the treatment is required upon booking to secure your appointment. This is deducted from the total cost of your treatment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

What to expect?

Treatment time takes approximately 60 minutes, and while it is not usually painful, slight discomfort may be experienced.
Mesotherapy has very minimal downtime – a little bruising and swelling may occur but it should settle within 24 hours. Your skin will become obviously more radiant, hydrated, nourished and firmer with an improved texture.

How often is mesotherapy recommended?

A course of 3-4 treatments is recommended for mild-moderate acne scarring, whereas deeper scars and stretch marks may require upwards of 5 treatments. An interval of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments is typically recommended.
After this, maintenance treatments are advised at 6 to 12 monthly intervals.

Are there any risks to this treatment?

Like all injectable treatments, bruising, swelling, infection, vascular compromise and nerve damage are potential risks. An allergic reaction to the products used is also a potential risk, it is important for all clients to be open and honest before any treatment and follow the aftercare advice to minimise these risks.

What are the different cocktails used for?

1. CLINICARE EGF TIGHT offers a fast-acting soothing, skin rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle and tightening effect

• Mimics Botox effect via muscular relaxation
• Provides long-lasting hydration
• Suitable for all skin types

2. CLINICARE EGF REFRESH mesotherapy cocktail contains a mixture of skin rejuvenating, hydrating, firming, soothing and antioxidant ingredients to restore moisture and firmness caused by the degradation of native hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers.

3. The CLINICARE EGF Glow mesotherapy cocktail contains a mixture of anti-pigmentation, hydrating, firming, tightening and antioxidant ingredients to eliminate uneven skin tone (such as age spots, melasma and sun damage), and to restore moisture and firmness caused by the degradation of native hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers. 4. CLINICARE Hair Energy is a unique combination of ingredients specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on follicle dysfunctions in order to achieve good anti-hair loss results and improve hair quality. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients and has hair growth stimulating effect.