Lash Lift by Million Dollar ICON


Our Lash Lift by Million Dollar ICON is the revolutionary lash treatment that creates length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes. No mascara. No extensions. No maintenance.

It’s a wonderful alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn.


This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful as well as saving you some time in your morning routine.


So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, low maintenance, natural looking eyelash enhancement then Lash Lift by Million Dollar ICON is for you!


Lash Lift by Million Dollar ICON
approx 45-60 mins


Includes, a pre-cleansing relaxing lash bath.

Can last up to 8 weeks.