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Natural Beauty

The Hydro-Facial is a 7 in 1 facial treatment that involves deep cleansing, exfoliation, pore extractions, lifting, toning, and deep hydration.


Hydro-Facial uses hydro-dermabrasion, infusing the skin with strengthening, hydrating and soothing ingredients to help vacuum dirt and impurities, giving you fresh and deeply hydrated skin.

It is a gentle, rejuvenating treatment and is safe for all skin types.


It is an alternative to microdermabrasion, without the use of harsh crystals or diamond tips. It combines the natural benefits of oxygen and water to give fresh and glowing skin.

This facial is ideal if you have congested skin, clogged pores, black/whiteheads, dull skin, or just want a fresher appearance.

* Removes dead skin cells
* Deep cleans and clears clogged pores and black/whiteheads
* Improves skin oxygenation by bringing blood cells carrying oxygen to the surface of the skin
* Brightens and freshens skin
* Removes waste and toxins from the facial lymphatic system

* Deeply moisturising and hydrating

* Encourages collagen production - reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

approx 80 mins


- Hydrodermabrasion using tailored skin solution

- Skin Scrubber & Extractions

- Ultrasound

- Radiofrequency

- Dermalux LED Light Therapy (20 mins)
- Cold Hammer
- Oxygenation

(this treatment also includes steam therapy)

Can be performed every 4-6 weeks


*** ADD - ONS ***

Dermaplane ---- £25

Algae Jelly Mask ---- £10

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