EZ C02 Mask 
(as part of Microneedling Facial)

The Genosys EZ Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Mask increased the oxygen levels in the skin tissue and therefore, it boosts skin's healing power.
This mask is perfect for all skin types, but can potentially be a game changer for acne prone, oily skin due to it's healing properties.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of this face mask?

Recommended all skin types Recommended for acne Anti- inflammation Improves firmness of skin and elasticity Improves circulation Skin Brightening and tightening Texture refining Partial slimming Improved blood flow Improved Hydration Reduced pigmentation Reduced dark circles Repaired fine lines (Results may vary between individuals).

How does it work?

The C02 gel is absorbed through tissue fluid, which dilates vessels to increase blood flow, oxygen realse; therefore boosting the skin's natural healing effect. The process is more formally known as the Bohr Effect.