Deep Cleanse Facial.

Rejuvenate and illuminate.

A medical-grade, luxury treatment that provides immediate results with NO downtime. 

Key Benefits:
- brighter, smoother, clearer skin
- visible and immediate results after one facial
- pain-free procedure
- suitable for all skin types
- not a chemical peel, therefore no effect on live skin cells (only dead skin cells)

Your face will be CLEANSED to perfection.

Your face will be EXFOLIATED leaving skin silky soft.

Your face will be TONED; promoting cellular regeneration and leaving skin deeply hydrated.

Your face will then be BOOSTED, LIFTED and TIGHTENED. 

And last but by no means least;

Your face will be PROTECTED and MOISTURISED.

The RESULT - Your radiance will be restored with re-hydrated, plumped and smoother skin with a natural luminosity.

Frequently asked questions

1. If you are ill or have a general medical concern that is not a physical.

You may visit to the clinic between 5-8pm, with no appointment necessary. We will make all attempts to see you, but if we are unable will provide consultation on whether the situation is an emergency that requires a visit to the Emergency Room.

2. If you need a physical, you may try to get a walk-in slot the day of clinic.

Arrive at 5PM for our randomized waitlist for walk-in slots. You will be given an estimated appointment time and arriving prior to 5PM will not guarantee you a spot. The order you will be seen will be determined after 5pm. You can then leave and return at the time of your appointment, or wait in our waiting room until your appointment time. If you choose to leave and come back at your scheduled time, please let our front desk staff know when you have returned. The number of walk-in patients we can accept each week varies depending on the number of student volunteers available. We therefore cannot guarantee a specific number of appointments will be available, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everyone who arrives will be seen.​

3. If you were not able to be seen on the day you arrived for a walk-in physical, you may set up an appointment for a future week.

We will take down your name and you may call (716) 222-0805 the following day. Provide your name and phone number on the voicemail and a clinic manager will return your phone call. We cannot guarantee an appointment will be available that following week but will make every effort to see you as soon as possible.

4. If you only need STD testing or a PPD placed.

You may come to clinic between 6-8 PM, no appointment or walk-in sign up necessary.

5. If you need Dermatology services.

Dermatology services are available the first and third Friday of every month. Call (716) 222-9556 to schedule a dermatology appointment, or follow the walk-in instructions listed in question 2.

6. If you need Gynecology Services.

Gynecology services are available the second and fourth Friday of every month. Call (716) 236-8573 to schedule a dermatology appointment, or follow the walk-in instructions listed in question 2.

7. If you need Dental Services.

Call (716) 222-0805 to inquire about our next dental clinic.

8. If you need additional services such as social work, nutrition, or birth control counseling.

You may ask for any of these services while at the clinic for a medical concern, or if you wish to receive these services but do not need to see a physician, you may come to clinic from 6-8pm.

9. If you need vaccines.

We do not offer vaccines. The Erie County Health Department holds bi-monthly clinics. For additional information regarding vaccines through ECDOH, please visit this link: Erie County Health Department Vaccinations

10. If you have additional questions.

Call us at (716) 222-0805 or leave a message with your question, concern, or comment on our Contact page, and we will reply as soon as possible.