The Million Dollar Carbon Facial

The Carbon Facial is a gentle chemical peel treatment containing activated carbon to help promote detoxification of skin surface and reduce harmful free radical activity.

Lactic, Ferrulic and Mandelic acids to enable controlled chemical repair and regeneration of skin to promote anti-aging appearance. Black Ginger and Liquorice Extract for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.


All without the use of a Q Switch Laser!


This facial can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of open pores, help manage acne and acne scars, stimulate collagen growth and improve skin texture and tighten lax skin. It promotes skin brightening and improves pigmentation marks; and promotes a lifting effect.


The Carbon Facial is not suitable for those with almond allergies)***

The Carbon Facial
approx 60 mins


- double cleanse

- exfoliation

- carbon peel application

- tone


- lymphatic drainage facial massage with ice globes



Can be performed every 2-6 weeks depending on skin concern.