A-A Pigmentation Facial


The A-A Pigmentation Facial makes use of the benefits of vitamin C and glutathione, and  is designed to rapidly increase brightness, radiate luminosity and give the skin a vibrant glow. The illuminating formula helps to diffuse accumulated excess melanin, a cause of hyperpigmentation, resulting in visibly illuminated skin tone. 
Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is known for fighting free radical damage to skin cells and may help treat acne.

This facial is specifically targeted for those with hyperpigmentation (including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or uneven skin tone.


If you would like a facial that targets multiple skin concerns, please take a look at The Million Dollar Facial.

* Helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation

* Improves skin discolouration
* Improves the appearance of dark spots
* Improves the appearance of dark circles
* Perfect for those who would like to take a less invasive approach to tackling pigmentation (does not include microneedling or chemical peels)
* Suitable for those with active acne and pigmentation where Million Dollar Facial is not suitable.

A-A Pigmentation Facial
approx 100 mins


- Double Deep Cleanse

- Skin Analysis

- Tone
- Steam 
- Extractions

- Balm

- Dermaplane

- LED Light Therapy (20 mins)
- Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage
- Vitamin C Ampoule
- Illuminating Orange Anti-Pigment HydroJelly Face Mask


Can be performed every 3-4 weeks